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coaching & private workshops


Abstract Studio

Private Workshop

Bold, colorful and full of energy; explore how abstract expressionist art is created. You'll make marks, layer warms and cools, create a composition, paint big and physical, and infuse your personality onto canvas. Take home studies on paper, and a finished abstract on canvas.

Play, experiment, and develop skills in non-objective intuitive painting, using process painting prompts. Practice working in a series. Enrich your visual voice as your personal style matures. Leave with a plan to continue your growth and development.

Work with acrylic & water-soluble mediums, tools, colors, layers, marks and more. Learn how to make your art bigger and looser. Each day will include guided exercises and time to work independently.


Customized for your level of experience:

• Level 1 -- Beginner. Focuses on the fundamentals -- value, form, light and shadow, color mixing, understanding the materials and approaches to abstract expressionism. Study and emulate instructors/masters.

• Level 2 -- Intermediate. Understands the concepts, medium and tools of abstract expression. Desire to take your art from good to great.

• Level 3 -- Mastery. Career professional artists with a regular studio practice. Desire to explore and mature your visual voice.


Workshop registration:

Half day = 4 hours                         $375         

Package of four half days            $1,350

Full day = 7 hours                         $650          

Package of four full days             $2,340


20% off for groups of 3-6 people.

25% off for groups of 7-10 people.


Suggested Materials: 

Some paint, paper and canvas will be provided depending on the length/focus of your workshop. You’ll receive a complete list of materials upon registration. 

If you are a beginner or traveler and have no supplies, ask about purchasing an Acrylic Painter Starter Kit available from Nova, Golden, or Liquitex.


Big Yes

Creativity Coaching

Create a fresh focus on saying “yes” to becoming your best artistic self.


No matter where we are in our creative career, we all want a bit more.

Together we’ll move through the basic strategies for uncovering your purpose and creating success in any area of your creative life – big or little. Whether you are just starting out or are wanting to take your successful art career to the next level, you will get there with monthly action plans and tools.


Big Yes Creativity Coaching begins with a 45-minue introduction session via Zoom. Prior to that session, you’ll receive the Big Yes Toolkit that sets the foundation for your creative journey.


Following,  we’ll connect weekly alternating between Zoom one week and email the following week. Together we’ll share your successes and challenges and support you every step of the way!


You choose the focus of our work together. For example:

  • Developing your visual voice & maturing your art.

  • Creating a collection for an art show. Developing themes & concepts.

  • Finding your “why” you create.

  • From sketchbook to canvas – how to see the world as an artist & translate that to your work.

  • Getting unstuck & moving forward.

  • How to see and evaluate your own art.

  • Critique – technique, style, story.

  • Transitioning to full-time artist (art development, business plan, marketing, art sales).

  • Art marketing: web site, email list, social media.

  • Art marketing: pricing, packaging, sales channels (online, studio, gallery, shows).

  • Creating killer applications for art shows, residency & competition.

  • Designing & delivering transformatinal workshop.

Here’s what to expect:

1. Find/define your artistic Big Yes.

2. Build your action plan.

3. Move forward with monthly strategies, tools, readings, and support.

4. Identify challenges and limiting beliefs.

5. Celebrate your success.


Coaching session:

Introductory session – $200

- Includes 45-minute Zoom session + Big Yes Toolkit


Monthly Package – $300

- Includes two 30-minute Zoom sessions, two email session (alternating weeks).

Writing a Diary

Artist Writing


Create a compelling artist statement and biography that is unique to you as an artist and authentically connects with your audience.



  • Toolkit: Your free-writing assignment. You’ll dig deep into the why and how you create. This is where the good stuff lies, and together we’ll uncover it and put YOU into words.

  • Two 45-minute Zoom sessions

  • Writing & Editing


You’ll leave with:

  • Artist Statement – 250-500 words

  • Artist Biography – 250 to 500 words

  • Curriculum Vita

  • 1-2 pages of copy to cut and paste into web site, promotional material

Please allow 2-3 weeks from start to finish to work through the process.


Art Writing Coaching -  $400.

Upon registration you’ll receive your package dates & toolkit.

About Beverly Todd

Bev is Chief Getaway Artist at Santa Fe Artist Getaway, workshop leader, creativity coach, and an abstract artist.


Bev has mastered the power of the written and spoken word, with a corporate background in writing, editing and communications. She has written for magazines, served as a national spokesperson, appeared on newscasts, hosted radio, and spoken on the stage in front of thousands.


Bev holds degrees in journalism & communications from the University of Nebraska.

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