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Santa Fe Artist Getaway

It truly is hard to believe so much time has already gone by since the workshop. I try to hang on to my feelings and memories of the time there. I miss making the daily trek up the gravel road for a day of painting and connection.


What a great experience it was at the Santa Fe Artist Getaway with all of you special girls (including Dotty!) I enjoyed meeting every single one of you. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Here’s to all of our goals, aspirations and deeper connections to our art and ourselves! - Kerry

Being an Artist

The Being an Artist miniseries provided great information about the best practices in my new vocation as I transition to full-time painting. From cultivating daily habits that feed creativity, to articulating my intent, to strategic planning, I gained many ideas I can apply right away. Bev is a great teacher, is inspiring, and is a warm, encouraging guide who is truly interested in supporting and nurturing the creativity in others.  - Tina

Advanced Abstract Exploration

This workshop was an experience of a lifetime.  I so enjoyed the learning and interaction with a great group of women artists.  Krista your teaching style and food for thought are such an inspiration. You shared so much with us that will help us grow as artists.  And I love your new completed painting and seeing your process.  


Thank you everyone for your openness, honesty and willingness to share your art and your practice.  Thank you, Beverly, for welcoming us into this beautiful setting in Santa Fe and nurturing us with such delicious food.  The entire experience exceeded all expectations!  - Lela 

A Deeper Sense of Place

It was a fabulous week! I especially thank you Diane and Chuck for your encouragement, great exercises to free our hands and clear our minds,  and for all of the work you obviously put into making this experience so wonderful.  Thank you, Beverly, for the lovely space and great food…The pictures you took and shared with each of us were a big bonus. - Pearl

Abstract Painting Immersion

Even as I write, I think of more and more that was so wonderful about the week's classes and surroundings. Audrey's Demo was helpful as well and a treat to see her hand and brain in action and hear about her process.  COMPOSITION information was rich, and I felt the chance to talk about one another's composition was an eye opener and allowed us the chance to articulate.  I feel very satisfied that I have significant growth as a professional artist  with more confidence to get back to where I was before 2019 in my art practice and business.


Thank you, Bev and Audrey. The week was fantastic, and I will return! - Lucy

Abstract Studio

I would recommend Santa Fe Artist Getaway to any serious artist.

It was great. In the category of life changing. The environment was exceptional the teaching phenomenal the support given by Bev (and Dotty) was unbelievable. - Fran

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