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you'll have everything you need to truly create at Santa Fe Artist Getaway


  • Where do I stay?
    Students are responsible for their own transportation and lodging. Santa Fe is one of the largest art communities/markets in the U.S. There are thousands of choices for lodging from high-end resorts, to cozy motels, to casitas rentals, to entire homes for a couple days or the whole month. Start here: Santa Fe Travel & Tourism Trip Advisor AirBnB VRBO Pet-Friendly When you stay in town, you'll enjoy everything Santa Fe has to offer. You may want to stay close to the Plaza and stroll the blocks of shops, galleries and museums. SFAG is just 15 minutes from the center of town. Or you may want to stay on the edge of town for a quick morning drive. SFAG is just 8 minutes from the edge of town. There are several house/casita rentals in the country nearby. Use the map/search functions on VRBO and AirBnB to find nearby rentals. Request a Santa Fe Visitor's Guide, and see the full list of lodging.
  • How do I get to Santa Fe?
    Welcome to Sant Fe Arrive in Santa Fe by land or by air.. Read more about air and ground travel here. Fly into Santa Fe or Albuquerque (which is one hour south of Santa Fe). Rental cars are available at both airports. Car service & Uber are also available -- make & confirm ground transportation before arrival. Santa Fe Artist Getaway is 8 miles from town along the Old Las Vegas Highway... which later became Route 66. And is now also known as Interstate 25. For those who are driving, plug in our address to your GPS... 83 Apache Ridge Road, Santa Fe, NM
  • What should I bring?
    Art Supplies - You'll receive a workshop materials and supplies list 30 days prior to the start of the workshop. Please bring these items. If you need additional art supplies, you can shop in Santa Fe at: Artisan Michaels Clothing - Santa Fe dresses casual and comfortable. No need to bring the cocktail gown and tiara. But, you will want to bring a couple pair of comfortable shoes for standing all day (while you paint) and walking around town or on the trails. Dress in layers. Yes, bring a sweater or jacket. We're in the mountains so our days are sunny and warm, but the evening can be chilly when the sun goes down, Don't forget your paint apron or smock. Other things - Water bottle to refill in the studio.
  • Are there food and beverages at the workshop?
    Begin your day at the beverage bar with a hot cup of coffee or tea with your classmates. We'll take a one-hour break for lunch each day, and treat you to a catered meal. Santa Fe is known for it's fresh farm-to-table fare, and that's just what we'll serve. Lunch will be filled with healthy protein and vegetables, perhaps a warm quiche, creamy soup, leafy salad, make-your-own sandwich, or pan of hot enchiladas. Vegetarian and gluten-free options available. Lunch is served buffett style and you choose what to put on your plate. You may bring your own food and beverages and use the full kitchen that includes a refrigerator, microwave, oven, and silverware/dinnerware. Enjoy lunch in the sitting area or at the dining table inside, or stroll out to the porch for a dining al fresco. Lunch, coffee, tea and water are included .
  • What should I expect during the workshop?
    You'll receive a welcome email and full instructions about your workshop, including directions to Santa Fe Artist Getaway, 30 days prior to your workshop's start date. Santa Fe Artist Getaway is 8 miles outside Santa Fe. Use Google Maps to route your drive and plan drive time. Signs at the entrance will guide you along the gravel driveway and to parking adjacent to Studio Raven. Plan to carpool if you know another artist attending. Studio Raven will be open 9 AM to 5 PM daily. You'll be welcomed at the door and shown to your work station. On your first day, plan to spend the first 15 minutes setting up your workstation. Each day will include lessons and demonstrations with your teaching artist, plus time for you to create away. On the last day of the workshop, plan to spend time packing up your art and supplies. Studio Raven provides floor and table covering, tables and chairs, easels, dual clean up sinks, water buckets and a roll of paper towels at each station. You will receive a workshop list of art supplies and tools specific to your workshop. Please bring the items on your list. The list will also include instructions on shipping supplies and art to and from Santa Fe Artist Getaway (if you choose to ship).
  • How can I get the most out of my workshop?
    Here, you'll experience a more authentic, more fulfilling creative life. We offer the freedom to find out who you are by exploring the world in a fresh way. And, you'll leave inspired by the teaching artist, connected with your fellow art students, and with a new purpose to create your best art yet. Heare are a few tips: 1. Have fun. Explore. Create with the spirit of a kindergarden artist. Let go of how "things have always been done", to make room for new learning and ways of making art. Try everything your teacher offers, and then take it one step further. This is how we find our way along the journey... taking detours and enjoying every unexpected path. 2. Leave the little voice at home... you know that voice in your head that says "I can't" and "I'm not as good as everyone else." Really... kick that guy to the curb. We are all here to become something more, to show up vulnerable, and to fly without a net. You may feel uncertain or frustrated at times, but know we all wrestle with those same feelings when we are learning somethiing new. Heck... you learned how to walk and talk, you can absolutely learn how to create in a new way. Feel free to ask for help or further explanation. The teaching artist wants you to succeed in the most outstanding way. 3. Feel free to find small moments during the day to take out your sketch book and take in nature. Sit on the porch. Walk under the pinon trees. Find the bench with the mountain view. In all this you'll find inspiration too. And a few housekeeping suggestions to help keep Studio Raven that sacred space for creating: 1. Use your best manners. You'll be in the studio with other artists sharing the space and the teaching artist's attention. 2. Arrive on time. But if you are late, come in quietly and take your seat. You can catch up later with the teaching artist when there is free time. 3. Turn off your phone, and take all calls outside. Feel free to use the cell-phone box at the back of the studio to keep your phone from tempting you. There will be plenty of time during breaks and lunch to get out your phone and take photos of your lovely work. 4. Share... the studio, the clean up sinks and your lovely smile. 5. Each teaching artist will have a unique approach, and will tell you what to expect. Usually it's best to save questions until the teaching artist is done presenting, then ask. Also, the teaching artist will make the rounds to each student to ask how you are doing and to talk one-on-one about what you need. 6. Bring your sketchbook, notebook and pens to take notes and capture inspiration. And finally.. We are so very glad you are here!
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