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open house

Grand Opening: Santa Fe
Artist Getaway
& B.Todd.Arts

July 9 & 10, 12 - 5 PM

Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo foothills, Santa Fe Artist Getaway and B.Todd.Arts sit on 5 acres of stunning views and daily inspiration. 

Wander through the two art studios -- Studio Raven and Studio Gray Fox.  Take part in hands-on TeamPainting. Discover the Poet's Table. And see a new collection of abstracts by Beverly Todd

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Art & Awe:
Inspired by the Southwest

August 6 & 7, 10 AM - 6 PM

The landscape, people, and life of the Southwest have guided the hands of artists for generations, including contemporary creators: photographer John Courtney, figurative painter Lauren Florence, and abstract expressionist Beverly Todd. These artists bring their passion for capturing awe and inspiration through art to this artist-hosted salon.

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Art & Jewelry

August 29, 4 - 7 PM

Earth’s offerings of stones, metals, pigments, waters and eons of stories are captured in the jewelry of Dona Siebler and the abstract art of Beverly Todd. Each artist begins with lines, marks on paper that  mature into the smooth turns of metal and the graceful strokes of paint. Dona and Beverly share their inspiration and creations in this artist-hosted salon.

events held at
Santa Fe Artist Getaway, 83 Apache Ridge Road, Santa Fe NM

the artists

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John Courtney

Socorro, NM


I started my photographic journey when my brother came back from college with a Yashica SLR (single lens reflex ... you know, the kind with a removable lens). This thing looked complicated with the lens, the numbers, the dials and a seemingly secret compartment for film. Around the same time I visited an uncle who had a darkroom in his home and I was hooked.

By the end of high school, I'd owned a number of cameras,  shot for my school’s papers and yearbook, and had even transformed one of my bathrooms into a darkroom (Thank goodness for my flexible parents and sister). My senior year I scored a job with a custom photo lab before I left for college.   

Since then I've always had a camera, but developing film was an expense hard to justify for a college and then grad student. Digital photography has made this all much easier. Even with this, printing is still an art with techniques that must be learned - just like exposure and composition.


Now, decades older and still chasing light and shadows, every capture still feels like a gift nature gives to me.

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Lauren Florence

Oklahoma City, OK


With a background in silk dyeing, Oklahoma City based artist, Lauren Florence turned to acrylics and canvas after the birth of her son. 


With the same vibrant colors she used on silk, her paintings now have form in vibrant, realistic expressionism.


Her subject matter is inspired by a deep love of the people and wildlife of Oklahoma and the American West. 

Lauren has a BFA in Textile Design from the University of Kansas, 1994.

Lauren began showing her work in the summer of 2017 with a solo show at Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Refuge.


She now teaches workshops in various locations in Oklahoma.


Beverly Todd

Santa Fe, NM

Through large-scale abstract painting, Beverly interprets nature. Connects with ideas. And explores emotion.


Her painting process is physical, using hardware-store brushes. Broken sticks. Rags. And hands. To move paint. To add layers. To pull back layers. To drip. To scrape and wipe. And to pull the paint across the surface.


Beverly grew up in rural American near Union, Nebraska. Often happily lost for hours in the open prairie landscape that inspires her work today.

In 2018, Beverly began painting in Santa Fe, and wanted to give other creatives the same experience, opening Santa Fe Artist Getaway in 2020 where she is Chief Getaway Artist, creativity coach and an abstract expressionist painter.


She paints and teaches at her home studio in Santa Fe. Her art hangs in collections across the U.S. and Canada.

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Dona Siebler

Indianapolis, IN


My creative process begins by looking at the shape of a stone or the combination of colors and shapes that I want to capture. From there an iterative process begins by sketching what I have envisioned. Usually, the piece resembles the sketch in the end, but is rarely exactly as I had planned. I am always thankful if I don’t melt something that should not be melted or damage something while I am working on a different area of the piece. By taking advantage of my “design opportunities” as they occur, due to mistakes or missteps the finish pieces emerges. About the only thing for certain with the completed pieces is that they are made of silver and can be worn! 

My pieces are sterling silver, natural stones, and manmade faceted stones.  I use manmade faceted stones because the environmental impact of lab-grown stones is significantly less stressful for our planet. 


I started making jewelry in 2014, first studying casting at the Indianapolis Art Center. In 2015 I transitioned to metal-smithing by working with sheet metal and wire.


I studied for three years with Andrea Jackson in her studio. Ms. Jackson is a metal arts instructor at the Heron School of Arts.


In 2019, I moved to my own studio and formed DS Jewelry Design.